Sportlio Shop - boost your athlete career!

Coming in August!

Sportlio shop is soon ready! We have chosen products from 3 categories: 1)Food supplements 2)Training clothes and 3)Training equipment. We have got inspiration from all of you guys who use Sportlio and we want to help you even more by providing YOU all the things you need to become a professional athlete!

We like your story of athlete who trains hard and dreams of athlete career to make your family and friends proud. But also the dream of representing your country in the Olympics! THIS IS THE TRUE DREAM FOR AN ATHLETE!

Sportlio community has seen the benefits of having personal athlete profile where all the related information is presented with ease. Many athletes have found sponsors (our athletes have added 500+ sponsors) and we hope to become world wide organization that supports athletes. We start with our very own training clothes. Next to that we provide the most basic food supplements from Estonian manufacturer ICONFIT and training equipment from Medpoint. These 3 groups should be the first ones for every athlete to ask for sponsorship. If these are covered you can move on from there to more specific products or why not real money!

So be active, train hard and visit us soon to find here Sportlio shop!

Mikk, CEO